Monday, 17 June 2013

The hobby

Reading through numerous hobby related Blogger sites over the last few days has raised some interesting questions and inspiration in terms of blogs and the hobby community in general. The reason I've been writing the occasional post on here is so that I have somewhere to dump my thoughts and photos, so it's nice to see how other people are using theirs to benefit others. Andrew Saunders has an interesting article about setting up a community skills exchange that, when I've moved house, I may well add on here. As I mentioned in his comments section (and on here a few days ago) Dakka had some great swap threads that did an excellent job of building a friendly group of individuals that encouraged each other to finish the swap projects and improve their skills as time went on . It'd be great to get a 7TV swap group going as the system lends itself really well to one off models, plus I'm always open to painting new things that I don't have to keep afterwards ;)

Speaking of which, I ended up volunteering to paint a squad for the Bloggers for Charity project as it gives me the chance to have a go at some historicals as well as contributing towards a good cause. Some of the new greens showing up on their blog look like they will be really nice to paint, so I'll be very interested indeed to see what turns up. Hopefully they will arrive *after* our house has gone on the market so I'm not spending every waking moment packing, cleaning or decorating. The paints are in a cupboard, but still within reach.

The other thing that Andrew has is a log of what he's painted this year. I really need to start something like that to try and shame me into painting more as I've been very lax this year.

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