Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Shasvastii Noctifer

Last year DakkaDakka held an official Infinity painting competition. All the entries had to be started and finished within a set time period and all had to be submitted anonymously to prevent favoritism. Unfortunately, I encountered a couple of issues with this competition.

1) I ran out of time thanks to working loads of overtime that month
2) Most people stuck to forces and colour schemes that everyone already knew, so it was fairly obvious.

I'd picked up the Shasvastii Noctifer model as it looked really interesting to paint... and someone else liked the way I'd been painting Aleph and tried to do something very similar. While this backfired on me, it was an interesting experiment in social interactions and how people are affected by who they think is responsible for the items in question. As it turns out, there were lots of significantly better models in the competition and I'd not finished him properly before the deadline.

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