Thursday, 6 June 2013

Reshuffle time!

I've been rather lax with updates recently for one reason and another, so it's probably time to make things a little bit more generic and cover the other game related bits that I ponder from time to time as well as getting photos of stuff I've painted in one place. Having just said that, things will be returning to writing for a while as we're moving house and all the gaming stuff is going into storage, darnitt!

As part of this update, I've restructured some of the categories to allow more coverage. Tags, as usual, will remain purely for the RPG Plot hooks until someone can tell me how to have two tag clouds.

I never did finish the Hero Lab files for the Achtung Cthulhu books. The data files are complete for the first one, Three Kings, but there are some issues getting the Mythos powers working properly for the second; mostly because there's no clear definition on how these should be handled. The introduction says to use the rules from Realms of Cthulhu, but then misses out things like the stats necessary to use the RoC insanity and magic rules properly. I should probably just email Modiphius for some clarification; I need to go back and refresh my memory on what the exact issues were. There also seems to be a limitation in how the overall Savage Worlds data file has been set up by the Hero Lab team too. It's really flexible in some places, but stricter than the Nun in the Blues Brothers for other things.


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