Saturday, 16 March 2013

Mythos Miniatures

The Achtung! Cthulhu kickstarter just breached the miniature levels, which has unlocked us an optional add-on of 6 investigator models. We should find out more tomorrow, but the first one is looking rather good. Apparently the others are a US infantry sergeant, the professor, a French resistance agent, a Russian partisan, a British commando officer and a Sikh mystic. I'm looking forward to seeing the others.

So. We have some investigators coming later in the year, so I thought it might be good to look at other miniature ranges that might work along side these for friendly and enemy troops as well as the monsters.

There are two different sizes that seem to crop up. Most are somewhere between 28 and 30mm tall:

Artizan Designs seem to have a nice range of pulp heroes and villains in their Thrilling Tales range; ideal for use as NPCs

Blackball Games' AE-WW2 have a few interesting models in their weird war range that could be extremely useful for villains. There are one or two US characters that might be good if you're running an american campaign, but as we're going to be British based... not so great for us ;)

The Plastic Soldier Company has a few sets of 28mm Russian kits

Victory Force Miniatures seem to have a very extensive range of ww2 models as well as a massive selection of zombies and monsters that will be very useful indeed.

Warlord's Bolt Action range is probably the widest range of historical ww2 miniatures that I've come across so far. It also helps that they have an ever growing range of plastics. I mean, what's not to love about 40 multi-pose russians for £28?

Wargames Factory has two sets of WW2 miniatures, Germans and Americans. Plenty of figures for pretty good price.

Westwind Productions have three decent ranges of models that would work for general troops. The Secrets of the third Reich and Incursion ranges both cover weird war 2 style troops and characters, which may be a little too extreme for a cthulhu game... depends how far you want to push the mythos powered tech. Berlin or Bust is their historical ww2 range, which includes a nice selection of general troop types.

What The? Miniatures have a couple of pulp style villains that caught my eye. A bit pricy, but they could be good.

There are also a few that are scaled slightly larger at 1:48, which will make them look a bit off when compared to all of the ranges above.

1-48 is currently a small, but growing range of 1:48 scale miniatures. Very nice level of detail on these guys

Dust Studio and Fantasy Flight Games' Dust miniatures are a great source of miniatures and walkers for a campaign set in a late 40s weird war 2 environment where alien tech has been used. Excellent models, but possibly not quite right for the more realistic setting of Achtung! Cthulhu.

Scarab Miniatures have a great range of historical ww2 miniatures.



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