Sunday, 31 March 2013

Foyle's War - The Cage

Happy Easter! Tonight's episode of Foyle's War sparked a few interesting ideas for plot hooks and has made me want to go back and rewatch everything else to see what other gems I can pick up and convert.

I am of course, assuming you all know who/what Foyle's War is? For those of you that don't, it's a British detective series set during WW2 along the south coast of Britain. The plots, up to the end of the last series (7), dealt with the war on the home front including murder and espionage. We also get a good look into what's going on in Britain during the war and how it affects the general populace.  Series 8, which started last week, is set after the end of the war and sees Foyle joining MI5 and is starting to expose some of the British Intelligence activities in the months after V-day.

While I'm sure there are factual errors in it, for a Cthulhu game we're hardly looking for historically accurate; close enough will do. Even timescales don't really matter as things can be twisted to suit our events.

A good example of this is, returning to my original point, tonight's episode. I don't really need to go into what is actually happening, or who-dunnit; just a brief synopsis of the episode gets various ideas popping in my head for what this base could really be and how to integrate it with missions earlier in the war.
Defected Russian spies start turning up dead and another Russian turns up at a country hospital all bloody; promptly dying just after giving the local doctor a garbled word/phrase. Shortly after that the Doctor turns up dead as well and all trails seem to lead back to a local military base  that is, on the surface, an installation for recording Russian radio communications. Unfortunately the investigators aren't allowed access to the base...

So, what do you think your investigators are going to find in this mysterious military base that even they can't get into?


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